18 | 02 | 2018
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Welcome to ChurchAisle.Com!






What is CHURCH AISLE? Well... imagine you are walking through your grocery store shopping aisle, but what you are looking for is a new CHURCH HOME, or a HOME IMPROVEMENT company that is ethical in business... these options are not located on any grocery aisle, but they are located on CHURCH AISLE...



…unsure where to look?


For example, trying to find a church and deciding on a new church that you can call “HOME” can be a LONG & DIFFICULT process!


THE CHALLENGE: Think about it: you visit strange churches you’ve never been to before, meeting complete strangers, not to mention churches each have their own unique culture, a way in which they function and do things, you wonder if you will ever fit in. Will you? Bottom line- making the choice of a new church is like choosing a family, one you will spend a lot of your time, talents, and money with and so the decision requires many factors.


THE FACTORS: What do we do in order to reach a decision on a new church home? We’ll need to go and visit the church a few times to get a feel for what it’s really like on a regular basis, we need to experience the praise and worship part of the service to know what the music is like, we want to hear the preacher preach something that inspires us to live for God and we want sound Biblical teaching grounded in God’s Word, we want to know what the church believes on various subjects, and we want to know the ministries they have at the church to see if it this church we are visiting and us are a good match, a church we can fit into.


SO WHY CHURCH AISLE??? Will Church Aisle REMOVE the need to visit churches before making a decision? The short answer is… no.


NOTHING can ever REPLACE personally visiting a church to reach your decision- never should and never will!


HOWEVER, Church Aisle will help ACCELERATE the selection TIME, NARROW your search, and ultimately speed up the process it takes to reach a decision and move you closer to that place you can call HOME! TIME is a VALUABLE commodity and Church Aisle can assist you with this!


Here’s how ChurchAisle.Com can help in your search to find a church:




a.Making the process of finding the right church an easier process by providing prospective new members a PLACE to watch and listen to the Church leader Preach


b.The Praise & Worship team minister in music


c.A special video that gives you an overview of the church’s vision, ministries, and particulars about their church!


In a matter of minutes you’ll be able to narrow your list of possible churches down ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!


·These short videos save you TIME and assist you in your evaluation process of the church the Lord is leading you to.




We have other categories too like Finding the right Home Improvement Company or Reading an informative article addressing the current events of the day... we even have a Restaurant Directory, so if you are scheduling a church event at a restaurant or just hungry looking for a place to go eat in town!


MINISTRY CAREERS/RESUME': Ministers searching for a new ministry position or to launch and broadcast their ministry careers or Churches searching for a new pastor, music minister, children’s pastor, etc


·Churches looking for a new church building/place to hold services


·Church buildings and church/ministry resources for sale


Let the church shopping begin! Begin your search now by clicking onto the appropriate category on the menu to your left!


If you did not see the state or category where you want to conduct your church or ministry search please email us the area or category you are looking for and we will attempt to add it to our directory at the email below:


You may reach us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


***Please be patient as we receive many requests and a real person answers each one personally in order to maintain the quality of Church Aisle.


LIST YOUR CHURCH/MINISTRY: If you want to list your church or ministry it's FREE! But please first read the statement of faith and values statement!



Thank you,


Church Aisle


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